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I would greatly appreciate your prayers during this challenging time in my life. Two years ago I had to retire from 27 years teaching due to a severe illness, Crohn's Disease,which seems to have turned more chronic these last two years. I am bedridden at this point, having lost over 25 pounds. My intestines bleed and it is very painful. I have no family here, so at times it makes it very difficult.
I love your station and the climate that you have set. I called this morning and appreciate very much the very special prayer that was offered to me by your very special DJ.
I do believe in the power of prayer (much better than luck!) I am learning to listen to what God wants for me. I don't know at times if God wants me, but I am preparing just in case. I do have faith though that He has a very special plan for me. Your songs have had the words I needed to hear. Thank you for your efforts - they comfort.

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I just want you to know that

I just want you to know that God can heal Crohns. A friend of mine had it for 20 plus years and the last few years were bad landing him in the hospital several times. Just a few months ago God healed him and tests prove the crohns is gone. Praying that God does the same thing for you.


Thank you so much to the

Thank you so much to the person who took the time to share this with me. Thank you for caring it means so much. I also am very grateful for your prayers. I will pray for you and your friend -- I hope that the illness will continue in remission. I know Garden of LIfe Products (developed by a doctor with this illness) can help alot.


God bless you, Tania, for

God bless you, Tania, for taking the time to encourage me. It means A LOT. God bless you!


I'm praying for you. I'm so

I'm praying for you. I'm so sorry to hear about your diseases that has robbed you from your job of teaching and from your daily life activities. I pray that our God will bring healing to your body. Praying for your health to be restored.

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