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Uncle Gary's Lungs

This is Scott Herrold. Please pray for my uncle Gary. He's in the hospital right now. Went in for pneumonia and is no longer breathing on his own. The Dr. said his one lung is shot and the other lung is sick too. The doctors don't seem optimistic. Pray for our family and my aunt and cousins.

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Scott Herrold
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Don't lose hope!!! Gods plan

Don't lose hope!!! Gods plan is His and we can sometimes only be blessed by it!!! I have a friend lynnette, her husband john was in the hospital years ago and they didn't think he was gonna make it. See he had quit smoking and this actually put him in the hospital... when he came around his own dr said i don't know why but i think you better keep smoking if you want to live... this was back in 85-86... i talked with john in 07 before miss ernie died... God's Plan Is His and Not what we think it should be... I wish I could get that through my own head!
Keeping Gary in prayer!!! Jesus Loves Us Right Where we Are!!!

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