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Unconditional Love of God

Pray for the Le family that the dad will quit smoking, be healed of his ulcers, forgive his eldest daughter, have a blessed and prosperous future, find a Bible-centered church, and know and feel each day the Love of God pouring out with mercy, forgiveness, and the unconditional love of God. Let all of the Le family know that Jesus loves them as they are and not for only what they do.

Pray for the mother to be comfoted, to have a healthy body, to have a mind with the Lord's peace. May the mother know just how much God loves her and to build her faith and to draw near to Jesus.

Pray for the eldest sister that she will mend her broken heart by giving her heart to Jesus. Pray for her to know that Jesus Christ loves her unconditionally no matter what she's done or thinks. May God mend her broken heart and reawaken just how much Jesus loves her. May she find Him.

Pray for the middle sister that she be drawn to people who will love her as she is and to stop trying to find love in a boyfriend, but know that Jesus has forgiven her already and that he is not a legalistic God, but a loving God. May Jesus bring her back into His heart and pray that Jesus will draw her near to Him and that she will physically, mentally, and spiritually feel His hand on her head and sense His presence in her life. May every day she experiece the Joy of God's love. Help her to know just how valuable she is in God's heart and that no one else has a right to judge her and that she should not listen to those that say God's love is conditional, by works and not faith. Help her to overcome her worst enemy: herself. May love and joy overflow in their house, life, minds, and grow to know Jesus more, but in God's time. Take away all of her fears of what she thinks she cannot do and take away all those fears of all the people who have treated her unfairly.

Pray for the youngest sister. Pray that Jesus will take away her fear of her father dying and the future that is unknown. Pray that Jesus show her and surround her with people who tell her how intelligent, beautiful, unique, and gifted she is. Help her to not be her own worst enemy. May God, His holiness kick out any influence that Satan may have on her and her family. Let her know who her best friend is, Jesus. Heal her heart,take away her fear of the unknown and her low self-esteem. Surround her with friends who love her as she is and may Jesus show her how smart she really is. Pray that God's awesomeness and righteous fury will destroy ALL of Satan's influence in her life and the family's. I pray that she discovers just how much the Lord loves her and may she grow and depend more on JEsus through prayer. Take away impatience and replace it in her life with such a strong faith, attainable by showing her that God does miracles and that He loves her so much that she will have more than enough miracles in her life to know that there isn't anything too big or too difficult that God can't do.

Pray for Jesus to Help this family financially and to renew each of their relationships with each other and Jesus Christ. Help them to find a place to worship JEsus in a Bible-centered environment where they find love and kindness from those all around them. May their faith grow and witness all of God's miracles for them and in His AMAZING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! IN JESUS NAME, SATAN YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER THIS FAMILY, IN JESUS NAME, MAY THE LORD REBUKE SATAN AND RUIN ALL OF HIS PLANS TO DESTROY THIS FAMILY. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! FOR JESUS CHRIST REIGNS AND HAS WON!!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR ANSWERING THIS PRAYER! AMEN!

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