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I have tried all my life to do the right thing and to be of service and help whenever I can. Recently I continue to be vilified by individuals who want for some apparent reason to Damage my reputation and credibility. I have spent the last 5 years trying to make a difference in my community, only to be berated by these people. I am trying to just walk away and move on, but the words and intent are so hurtful.

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Ok, I once read a little

Ok, I once read a little maxim in a book called "Apples of Gold" that may just help you in this case. It said that it was better to "give and receive nothing then to give nothing and receive" in God's eyes. No matter what other people do, remember, we are not of this world and God always has our backs. By being nice to people no matter what, we store treasures in Heaven. Treasures that no one and nothing can take or damage. Wouldn't you rather be berated by people than to be berated by God?
Praying for you,

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