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Lord God, I pray today for your forgiveness of my sins for I am a sinner Lord and know that you had gone to the Cross for my sins and we are forgiven. Lord I pray for my three daughters that they will spend lots of time with their mother for I have just been reunited to them of 30 years and I pray that every day is honored together to be together and share our love as a family. Lord I pray that you give me a little time to spend with my new family of my daughters and grandchildren as you know I have been diagnosed with Dementia and the disease keeps progressing that I have enough time with my family before I forget who they are. I pray Lord that my three daughters start looking up to you Lord for guidance and they are living in sin and adultery at this time and forgive them for they no not what they do Jesus. Pray they come to their mother for guidance even at their age so that I may lead them to you Lord. I pray for my grandson whom has a mental problem that is abusive to his self and gives pain to the family that we only pray that he turns to you Jesus for guidance and come to his grandmother to help him reach out to your Jesus to be healed and have a happy normal life.
Lord I pray that my new business progresses to be fruitful and successful with your guidance so that I may help my family in their financial problems and obtaining housing for my daughters to live in as well as myself. Lord I pray for financial stability.
I pray for my friends whom have wondered astray from me Gary and Evelyn to return in friendship and become closer to you Lord. I pray for Linda and that maybe she will find a place in her heart to send me my Bibles to me to which I had to leave with her and my stature of Jesus Lord that I would love to have back in my home. I pray for peace and that all have food and housing during these trying days. I pray for those in Turkey and that you are there and I know you are Lord.
Last of all Lord I thank you for all great things and for this great radio station SOS Radio whom brings the music celebrating you Jesus may they always run strong for many to listen to for songs to you and your word spoken online. Thank you for this prayer group to have and allow prayer group for all of those in need of prayer and soulful thought. Thank you SOS for your prayer group for I pray everyday sometimes many times a day. Listening to you has really made a huge difference in my life as my life will someday be with Jesus. Pray for health and good will in my direction. Love and Life and Blessings to you SOS Radio.

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Jesse MacKenna
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Im having a terrible day, I

Im having a terrible day, I went to my moms grave today, everything fell apart for me. Lord, I know you love me, but I feel so alone. Help me to quit smoking and taking sleeping pills. I beg you, love Daniel


Daniel Im sorry for your loss

Daniel Im sorry for your loss and I imagine your feeling very sad. You know the Jesus is walking right there with you and he will give you comfort... I believe when you wrote this note you opened that door for healing so keep focused on Jesus! Thru all this pain he will bring you thru to also give up those things that keep you in bondage. Jesus is still the answer so keep you eyes on Him not your circumstance. Luv an God Bless!

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