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ups and downs

I'm a 34 year-old old man that has had a question or a problem with the ups and downs in life. Sometimes I feel that I can take on life strugles then I just don't feel not even worthy of God blessings, because of my on and off sins of life.

I ask forgiveness then live a good time feeling good about my self with God then I fall in tentation. Then I start all over again with the "forgive me Father for I have sin again and the same way". I do so good for some time then with out noticing I'm back doing what I have ask forgiveness in the first place.

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Ups and downs are perfectly

Ups and downs are perfectly normal in the christian walk, remember that no matter how far you fall or how often you fall you can be forgiven. However repentance also means a change. How do you do that? it simple, first off, realize that you can't change yourself, you can only decide to let GOD change you. There are a few things you can do tho that keep you saved. read ecc. 4:9-12, when your faced with a battle thats too much for you (such as a temptation thats too strong for you) don't be afraid to call upon the bretheren. as christians, we will stand together on the solid rock of CHRIST, or die alone in sin. Also you need to purge your life of everything that gives you an oportunity to sin. Whether its places you go or people you hang out with, maybe you even need to put program on your computer to block websites (i use k9 web protection, its good and free). lastly, stay strong bro, your not, alone im prayin for you, and remember you can do all things through CHRIST who gives you strength. Stay saved and GOD bless :)


Remember that when a child is

Remember that when a child is 'born' they are helpless babies. Totally dependent on their PARENT. Babies grow into toddlers, toddlers.. children.. children pre-teens, teens and so on.
Growth and change or transformation is always a process and it is done through GOD's work.. by spending time in His presence with His Word. But remember the word is a SEED that is planted and all things planted take time to take ROOT and produce fruit... each thing planted comes forth in it's own time.
I have struggled with certain sins for years and I understand that 'defeated' feeling that comes when we stumble or fall again. But GOD has brought me to the place now where even when I do.. I STILL know I am LOVED and VALUABLE to HIM. My value is not dependent upon my 'performance'... that's religion.. NOT RELATIONSHIP which is what Christ calls us to.. intimacy with HIM. One time the LORD showed me the roots of a fallen tree on the beach. There were hundreds of them and some were even 'grafted' together. I had just gotten done asking the LORD and crying out because I felt that these sins and hurts would never go away.
He told me that like a SURGEON HE has to go more slowly in removing some things than others. If HE worked too quickly and did not restrain Himself.. He would cause more harm in us than healing. GOD is YOUR PHYSICIAN.. and HE wants you to be ASSURED that HE IS and WILL "COMPLETE what HE has BEGUN in YOU." Just rest and trust.. and KNOW that you are LOVED on BOTH good and bad days. LOVE in CHRIST!

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