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Waiting on the Lord, and Not being Angry or Frustated

I am currently unemployed. A job that I thought I had, was denied to me. I am a teacher. I am getting more frustrated and angry..and it is turned on my wife and kids. I get easily frustrated and angry with them. I am constantly angry...I need to give it up to the Lord. thanks for your prayers.

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Bill Quantrille, Up the Hill in Victorville
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I am a woman, but I watched

I am a woman, but I watched my husband lose 3 jobs in 3 years. One he worked at for 5 years at first and worked right up the ladder with the Lord's blessing. One day.. after becoming a regional manager.. and making the most profit.. they fired him outright.. along with some others. New middle management.. got rid of the ones that were not 'yes' men in the company. My husband was one of them and broken so badly by it. All he kept saying was that he was the provider and he let us down.

But God came along and let me know one morning to tell him. (because it was hard for him to hear at the time) that HE was the Provider for us.. and that since HE was also the provider of my husband's employments that HE would take the responsibility for US. My husband's job WAS to head his family, lead us, and provide.. but UNDER GOD.

Come to find out.. GOD had OTHER plans for us.. because I lost my job too at the same time. We did not know what His plans were for many months after that.. but HE DID take care of us as we learned to JUST look to HIM for our needs. It meant learning the difference between needs and wants.. losing things like our home and most all of our belongings, and having to move across country.. which GOD led and paid for and GAVE us new belongings when we got here.. and we STILL learn to live by His Hand for everything. My husband has been in the hospital 7 times in the last year and the LORD will not let me work at all. He KEEPS us LEANING on HIM for EVERY SINGLE THING.

Sometimes even when we feel like we are ahead.. HE allows something to come that makes us SHORT and praying again for help. I believe that GOD is teaching us ALL a NOAH kind of FAITH because in the days ahead we WILL need it.

Secondly.. I was a restaurant manager, security Guard, house keeper, private duty aid, yard worker, painter, preacher, prison minister and the list goes on and on.. I even got my degree going for psychology and GOD made me change it.. the whole Identity lesson for me and my husband and us all is this;

We are NOT what we DO.. we are GOD's kids sent to DO something where HE needs us and when. I know you are a teacher.. I get that everything and everyone has a 'Name and a purpose'.. but sometimes when we get locked into something.. GOD will decide to send us into something else.. or just allow us to understand that our 'do is not our who' as Joyce Meyer says.. necessarily.

God loves you and your wife and kids.. and they need to see YOU lead them through this time.. honestly, yes.. with integrity .. yes.. as their strength.. yes.. because GOD is YOURS.

You can and WILL do this.. just get with DAD.. and know He loves you and them.. and WILL NOT let you down. Just let HIM show you HIS path. Praying.

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