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My husband was denied unemployment after losing his job of 14 years. I was working but my paycheck wasn't enough to support us, our two children and our 2 dogs. I applied for TANF and we were turned down because I was working. I applied for food stamps and they delayed us for the longest time, closed our case sometime this month which forced me to reapply. They CLAIM we're not an emergency case because they think my husband makes too much money!

My husband landed another job in July and they used that as a reason to deny his unemployment after all the appeals he had filed. I lost my job that same month and we're still being TANF since he works and according to them makes too much money yet, we never have enough money to keep gas in the car! I applied for Energy Assistance and they demanded a rental verification form from our landlord. It's been well over 2 weeks since we've heard back from her and I had explained to her last month that I'd need some type of letter from her in order to get help with rent or utilities. The Power Company wants $122.42 (due today Aug 28). Now that I'm eligible to receive unemployment, I pray and hope my card arrives today so that I can pay the power company. Still, we need prayers that Energy Assistance will stop being so rigid and help us. I now have to reapply all over again and they allow applications to remain pending for 60 days. In some cases, they'll expedite. But yesterday I read on the internet that Hopelink and Help of Southern NV has exhausted their funds. So many people are in this situation but the Power co. doesn't even care because all they want is money! It should be illegal for them to shut off one's service especially when young children are in the household. I'm also praying for a decent job I can do from home in order to supplement our income since the job market in Las Vegas is horrendous.


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