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I lost my job in October of last year and developed some medical problems at the same time. I have no money coming in and my credit is going to pot. Fortunately, I am living with my daughter and her family and they are taking care of me with minimal complaints. We all believe that God is working on all of us but I continue to wonder if there is something else I need to be doing. I didn't realize that I wouldn't do well with the "waiting on the Lord" aspect of my situation. Please pray that I will be patient but also understand what the Lord would have me to do. Thank you, Cheryl

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when you have done all you

when you have done all you can do and it seems to hard, the word says to stand!!! we need to stand on His Word, confess His promises, that we will lend and not borrow, We are the head and not the tail, He created this world and owns all in it and we are His children. The word never promised life would be easy, it even says we would endure the stuff Christ suffered, and as Christians the devil will do all he can to stop those who love God, he goes back and forth seeking whom he may devour, But it does promise God will be with us, and get us through it. Lord Bless him with all he needs to get through this trial, heal him, lead him and guide him to a wonderful job that will provide for his needs/wants, and will allow him to do your will. and Lord bless his family greatly, for opening their home. amen

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