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What is God trying to show me

I found out yesterday that the woman I am engaged to decided to leave. I was/am a single father of five wonderful children when we met. She stated she was unhappy and could not deal with all my children. I am trying to see what I'm supposed to learn. I'm new to this site and want to reconnect with God. I feel guilty because I seem to only call upon Him when I'm in need.

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Ted... your doing fine,

Ted... your doing fine, that's what i think, God is Amazing and He will help you. I think your amazing to be a single dad of 5 kids, i'm a single mom with 3 kids and i have days regularly where i don't understand what God is doing. I don't hardly pray (so to speak) but i talk to God while i'm driving, working, crying, and sometimes I yell up to Him while walking down the street, (i have a car) lol and the great thing about God is He knows when we are unable to do any of these things and loves us amidist ourselves. Your a guy so... I dare you... go ahead and let Him Carry you through all of this! One of the things i hang on to is that the other side of this is coming, like the baby finally born after 9 months, the cast removed after 6 weeks, some pains fade sooner than others
Love Marti... another... What is God trying to show me, Person

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