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what happens when???

I have been batteling with debilitating pain for about just over 3 months began one day in early September, I was mid stride when it felt asthough a knife had been plunged into my lower back. since then I have been experiencing a number of other symptoms to which there is no answer. I am unable to work because I am losing strength, and tire easily. I have been to a number of doctors, but still have no answer.

I am due back to work but I can't perform my duties (child care) I do not qualify for assistance because i am "job attached". Praise God my husband is able to work, but things are tight, and the bills are piling up. I know that JESUS is the only true Physician, and by the mere stroke of his hand he can take this away....but I also believe there is a reason I am going through this in which at this point only HE knows.

Please, all I am seeking is Strength to continually battle the enemy against using this situation to his advantage, and to be patient through all of this.

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Just wanted to quickly

Just wanted to quickly update...they are still running tests. I think maybe I am going through a refining period.... I have always taken care of others...growing up I was taught asking for help was a sign of weakness.... now, I have to have assistance in ways I never would have imagined. Maybe the lesson for me here is that it is OK to accept is NOT a sign of weakness!!! Very difficult lesson..very humbling. I just turned 35!!!


I just wanted to update

I just wanted to update everyone....I was just released from the hospital a few days ago. I was admitted for chest pressure and labored breathing. They did a stress test which came back fine and a number of blood tests which ruled out a multitude of things. They also attempted a spinal tap twice and were unsuccessful. They wanted to make a third attempt but decided it would be too dangerous considering I have a condition called Chairi Malformation. It is suspected I may have MS, but has not yet been confirmed. I have become weaker,but try to do what I ca do when I can do it to stay some what active....EVERYTHING I do has become a process. I have to rest often, and my husband has to do many thigs for me. PLEASE, PLEASE pray for some sort of answers on my next doctors appointment which is comig up (1/16)

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