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Wife Healing & a Miracle of God

Please pray for my wife pam cooper she has a disease called cushing's diease/ syndrome it effects the pituitary gland causes it too make to much crostisol, which can lead to death. My wife also has a tumor attached to the pituitary gland which has to be removed through the nose, this disease can also cause mood changes, and rapid weight gain around the trunk area, the face, and also what is called a buffalo hump on the back of the neck, also you can get hair on the face, chest, and around the belly area. My wife Pam needs a major touch from our god and miracle. We have to go to los angeles california at ucla or saint john's health center.

Please also pray for our finances, my wife works but i lost my job back in march of this year and am in need of a job with a good company that pays well & with great benefits we live here in las vegas,nevada, and also pray for my wife Pam with her walk with god she is having trouble praising god at this time in her life, pray for me for strength at this time and my daughters Caitlyn and Jennah, and me David thank you god bless SOS.

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David and Pam
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Dear David.. as I read your

Dear David.. as I read your request my heart aches in shared anguish.. please know prayers are being lifted up and that the LORD knows and IS working on Your's, Pam's and your families behalf.. from a lady whose husband has been in the hospital 9 times this year with heart and we have jobs and no jobs.. the LORD has been faithful to supply EVERY NEED. At times we thought HE was not coming through for some reason we soon found HE had another plan and way for us to take.. all I can say is Let GO and rest in His Arms HE WILL NOT EVER FAIL YOU or ABANDON you.. HE WILL lead and carry you all.. ALL the way! Praying!

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