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Wisdom and guidance for my daughter and her boyfriend.

A few months ago, my daughter moved out of state to live with her boyfriend. I know she knows that she is not living a Godly Christian life. I have been praying for her and her boyfriend to know this is not right in God's eyes and that God will give them a desire to do what is right. Yesterday I received a call from her telling me that she just found out she is pregnant. Please pray for them and this precious child. I am so thankful that to her abortion is not an option, but I want so badly for them to do what the Lord would have them do. Please pray for wisdom, guidance, and some good Christian friends in their lives that can help them through this. Please pray for good health for her and the baby and a peace for myself, knowing that God is all knowing and He will make good out of this just as he does everything. Thank you!

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Rejoice in the good. I will

Rejoice in the good. I will keep all of you in my prayers!


I prayed for you and your

I prayed for you and your daughter. May God give you wisdom, guidance, discernment, strength, and peace.

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