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A woman alone and in need!

I'm praying for the right words... God Help!
I know this woman... she needs help, and she always needs help cause she is a senior with issues... who of us doesn't have them. She could be my mom... your mom... my crazy aunt... your crazy aunt, did i ever tell you i have a crazy aunt, no? sorry i do. alot of people know her and shy away, her name is Joan and she has serious issues... she talks a hundred miles an hour, (i think it's cause she is so wrapped up in her pain she doesn't understand the learning process), she blames everyone else for where her life is today. I think there are people out there who want to help her but are afraid... kinda like my kids are afraid of her. I mean really what can someone like her do to me but make me think. God Help!! She could use help with her rent... she lives in a hotel in boulder city... she could use help with food... she has few teeth... she could use a good quality grinder... her's broke. I'm not great with the Bible but doesn't it say we should take care of the elderly, especially "forgive me" but crazy woman... who knows maybe I'll be her one day! my nieces and nephews crazy aunt... By the Grace Of God i'm gonna bring her some food tonight, What do ya say, as a community, Lets Love Her Right Into Jesus' Arms!!!! Lets give her what she needs!
Thank You!

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