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Worried Mother

I have a 16 year old daughter. I have always been open with my daughter about boys and if she likes someone telling her how it is necessary for her to wait and given her the opportunity to be open with me.

I found a love note from a boy, she did not want to tell me who it was. She finally said the name of the boy and it is a church member. I am grateful it is a Christian boy, however this boy since he has arrived to the Church has tried to hook up with two other girls. One being my niece other being my daughters close friend. He stopped talking to the friend 1 week before he started talking to my daughter. He actually still flirts with this girl as well. It has been going on for the past 2 months and they had been hiding it maintaining it a secret.

I have explained to my daughter if this boy was truly interested in her and he knows us very well they both should have came to us and made us aware of the situation. Instead of hiding in the darkness.

I told her if he truly liked her he would not be flirting with other females. If he was sent to her from GOD and he is the one she is to marry in the future then it could wait for 2 more years. Where in reality they get to know each other. She said she plans to keep talking to him although he is talking to other females.

My daughter is not allowed to date yet, i have taken her phone away from her.

I need prayers to give me wisdom and guide me on what i should do and for GOD to give her wisdom and strength as well.

It might seem as it is not a big deal I just don't want her to start a relationship in which she is already being mistreated. I believe if it is from GOD the situation would be completely different. As to them being honest with us as well as for this boy to not play around with these girls. She does believe in GOD and i could only hope, guide her and keep praying for her not to fall in the wrong foot steps.

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Mother in distress
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