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Young heart broken

Hello everyone, my name is April I'm only 18 years old and I'm heart broken, reason being is because I fell for a guy at my church, I have never imagined liking him so much, to the point where there are nights I have cried myself to sleep, because it hurts. He has always been a friend of mine, it never came across my mind to even like him, and now he is all I think about, the problem is that he likes another girl which happens to be a friend of mine. Everyone says I'm just blind and I can do better, and to wait for the right guy God has for me, but it's not like I can control my heart, there's just something about him and I don't know what it is. Please help me, any advice will do me good. Thank you all.

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Hi April. I too have faced a

Hi April. I too have faced a situation like this. I felt in my heart that the Lord had placed this "brother" on my heart. My feelings towards him were unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was like I was really in love and we barely spoke to each other. Over time we got to know each other and my feelings for him just continued to grow. Still I never said anything. I just held it in. One day it came out that he was interested in our Pastor's daughter. I was crushed but I continued to pray. He eventually asked for this girl and she rejected him. She told him that God hadn't revealed to her that he was the one for her. In turn, this crushed him and he began a downward spiral in his Christian walk. He eventually left church and God. I had continued to pray for him and still do. My prayers are focused on him renewing his relationship with Christ. I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would remove the feelings that I was still having for him even though he had back slid. Eventually the feelings went away, but I often think of what could have been. Just pray sweetheart. Your friends are right. God will bring you the one He has been saving for you, but in His timing. Pray that this guy will walk the path that God has chosen, not the one that he has chosen for himself. You never know he may be the one God has for you, but it seems as though you may be more focused on the blessing than you are on the one who gives the blessing. Try to redirect your thoughts, time and heart to Jesus. When you start thinking of him replace the thought with a short prayer like "Lord I wish nothing but the best for him. Help him to do all that you have called him to" and move on. Don't give place to the enemy! He will play with your mind as long as you let him. Detach yourself from thoughts of this guy and reattach to the Lord. Be Blessed

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