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Zita and Lois

National Prayer request for Zita and Lois. Zita has cancer through out her bones and it is trying to make it into her brain. Her brain is swelling. The doctors are trying medications to keep it from her brain. On mothers day she was in the ICU with stomach bleeding and was unable to keep food down. Yesterday they moved her into another room because she stabilized. I sent out a prayer request on 4-19-12 that has more information about her condition. She has had cancer for 6 1/2 years and is asking prayer for her to live long enough to see her son graduate in 2 years, for the pain to stop and the cancer to stop progressing. Please add her to your prayer chain and continue praying for her.
Lois has a brain tumor that has already been removed once, but it has come back larger than before. It is to big for them to operate due to the damage it would cause. It would leave her blind, unable to communicate and paralyzed. Lois is asking for prayer to live long enough to see her daughter graduate this year.
Please add both of these women to prayer chains, we are trying to get all 50 states to pray for them. Some people think its a lost cause, but with God any thing is possible.

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