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Thanks For Your Generosity! Call 800.804.5452!

Thanks For Your Generosity! Call 800.804.5452! | 800.804.5452 | SOS Radio

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY. Your gifts really make a difference! 


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"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate SOS. I travel a lot for work so I listen to the app a lot. When listening in the car in other cities, It is nauseating to continuously hear commercials for medical weightless, debt consolidation, car dealers and lawyers on the radio. I truly feel blessed to have SOS as a listener supported, commercial free station. Please, please, please keep it that way. We love and support SOS! Thanks for all that all of you do."

–Stephanie from Henderson, NV


People like Stephanie ARE keeping SOS Radio commercial free. Most radio stations in America play 12-15 minutes of commercials every hour. That's 12-15 min of extra music every hour when you invest in SOS Radio!

Here's the math!

15 min of commercials X 24 hours in a day = 360 minutes of commercials each day (6 hours of commercials every day)

6 hours of commercials each day X 365 days in a year = 2190 hours of commercials each year (That's 91.25 full days of commercials each year!)


Bottom line: With  the listener supported ministry of SOS Radio, you know there is ALWAYS a song or message coming up that will encourage you!

You never have to worry about that 1 in 4 chance of tuning in during a commercial break! Our listeners keep SOS completely commercial free! 

We don't charge ministries for the teaching/talk shows we air.

We don't charge churches or concert ministries to help spread the word on their events.

We don't have government grants or corporate sponsorships.

Every dollar behind the life change in the SOS Radio community comes from people just like you, who call in and donate. Every dollar.

Will you click here and join the SOS Radio support team?

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You can also call 800.804.5452 to make a gift over the phone or give through our SOS Radio iPhone & Android Apps!









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