Art from the Heart

February is a month where love stands in the spotlight! Here in the SOS Family, we celebrate every day that God's love is never-ending and unconditional... And we can spread His love in a tangible way this heartfelt season through something as simple as a card with an encouraging note and a few art supplies!

SOS Radio presents, ART from the HEART!

Together we have the opportunity to bring hope and the love of Jesus to children in local hospitals who are fighting the toughest battles. Your simple act of kindness will brighten the day of a child, and let them know God loves them, and they are not alone. 

We've learned from the professionals in children's hospitals that when kids are engaged in art, it helps reduce stress and anxiety and aids in their recovery! Often families will do art together during their stay. 

How to join in with ART from the HEART

(3 Simple Steps: Download • Gather • Deliver)

Step 1: Download and print out a custom-made card from the list below to color and decorate with your family, friends, or classroom! You could even create a handmade card of your own!

  • Be sure to include a note of encouragement inside. This could include a Bible verse, uplifting quotes, or anything else encouraging you believe a child would love to hear.

Step 2: Gather art supplies of ANY kind to donate along with your card. This could be as simple as a box of crayons to an entire set of paint supplies with canvases.

  • Because it's ART, feel free to think outside of box and donate things like beads, clay, construction paper, glue sticks, markers, yarn... the list goes as far as your HEART desires!

Step 3: Deliver your cards and art supplies to the SOS Studios in Las Vegas by Friday, Feb. 16th. LOCATION: SOS Radio, 2201 S. 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104

  • We'll make sure the cards and art supplies are distributed to those kids who need them the most. 

Bonus Step: If you'd prefer to order art supplies online from your favorite store and have them shipped to SOS Radio, that would be fantastic! For a basic link to Amazon's art supplies for kids, Click Here!

  • Remember to change the shipping address to: SOS Radio, 2201 S. 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Downloadable Cards - Take Your Pick!

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