SOS Radio 30 Day Challenge!


The SOS 30 Day Challenge: Surround yourself with Christian music for 30 days, listening for at least 30 minutes a day, and see how it affects your daily mood. You can start your 30 day challenge anytime!

What would it mean to you if you had 30 more minutes of peace during a stressful workday? How about 30 more minutes of patience when your kids have pressed every button you've got? Better yet, how about 30 more minutes of hope when you're feeling completely exhausted? 

We believe that as you listen, the music here on SOS will provide you with exactly what you need at exactly the right time. 

It generally takes about 30 days to change a habit! How about an attitude too? Simply listen to only Christian Music for 30 days and let God do the rest. Watch as He makes a difference in how you feel throughout your day. Maybe you'll see changes in your kids and family as well!

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  • Andrew Ripp - Jericho
  • Pat Barrett - Beautiful Life
  • Matt Maher - The Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)
  • Casting Crowns - All Because Of Mercy
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