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3 easy ways to keep your kids connected with God this summer

Summertime is a great time to go deeper with your kids spiritually! With all the extra time at home, it's the perfect opportunity to speak life and lead by example to help your kids grow in their relationship with God.

Here are three easy ways that can help you keep your kids connected with God this Summer!

1. Take a Hike
Nature is one of the best places to experience God. Take the kids out for a hike and have them call out all the things that interest them. It could be an animal, a plant, an insect or even a rock formation. Ask them what things they think are beautiful. Ask them about why they think God created it that way. Talk with you kids about how God created every little thing. Refer to Genesis chapters 1 & 2. 


2. Weekly Memory Verses
This is something that can be fun if you present it to your kids as a family project! Create a rewards chart for each week and when your child recites that verse out loud by heart, they earn a star. The more stars, the bigger the prize! You don’t have make the prize something expensive; just thoughtful. Things like extra ice cream for dessert, a play day at the local pool, or extra screen time for videos and games. And Bonus points if you can get your kids to recite the verses to other family members or friends, whether in person or via video chat. 

Here's a resource for memory verses that can help you get started: Click Here!


3. Keep a Prayer Journal
As you know, prayer is essential in developing a strong relationship with God; and it’s never too early to begin learning how! To save some cash, use an old spiral bound notebook that wasn’t completely filled from the previous school year. Tear out the used pages and write in some prayer-prompts for your kids to spark their ideas on what to pray about: 

  • God, here’s what I’m happy about right now____________. 
  • God, here’s what I’m feeling sad or frustrated about right now____________. 
  • God, here’s what I’m hoping for and dreaming about right now___________.

And each night, gather to prayer with your kids and invite them to take turns and pray as well. Taking time to do this together will not only grow their bond with God, but it will grow their bond with you as well.


Taking a Family Hike

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