Sharathon FAQ

What is Sharathon? 
So glad you asked! Learn more, click here!

How does Sharathon keep SOS Radio Commercial-Free?
Most radio stations average up to 20 minutes worth of commercials every hour. You’ll never hear a single commercial on SOS Radio because we’re financially supported by listeners like you! Families just like yours, choose make a financial gift during Sharathon to make sure that SOS is playing only encouraging content, 24/7. 100% of our financial budget is provided by the SOS Radio listening family.

So what does my monthly support impact?
In short: the operating expenses of running a Christian Radio Ministry. Your gift ensures that all the music and messages continue to play on the air and through your speakers.
But even more than that, your support changes lives through real encounters with God’s love. It brings hope and encouragement to all who plug into SOS Radio. It impacts our friends and neighbors locally, regionally, and around the globe. 

What’s an Easy EFT?
The Easy EFT is simply a monthly “auto-pay” for your gift, using a direct deduction from your checking account. This option ensures that the maximum amount of our gift reaches the ministry. You see, credit card companies charge a fee of 3% of every transaction. But EZ EFT is only 19 cents per transaction. You can see how much that would save!  Learn more, click here.

Are my donations Tax Deductible?
Yes! SOS Radio is governed by Faith Communications Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry.

I have other questions – can I call and ask?
Yes, absolutely! 702-731-5452

Recently Played

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  • Cece Winans - Believe For It
  • Jonny Diaz - Breathe
  • Matt Maher - Lord I Need You
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SOS is a non-profit, commercial-free ministry. We are supported by the generosity of those who listen and appreciate what they hear.

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