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Dads In Schools

Dads In Schools
Every school year we look for the best opportunities to help our students & teachers. Sometimes it’s backpacks, shoes or school supplies, but this last year we’ve seen more and more schools around the country dealing with violence and racial tension. As parents we have a tangible opportunity to volunteer and help make our schools safer environments for learning!

Dads In Schools is a movement of volunteers who understand the power of presence to provide a safe environment that enables students to thrive as they focus on their education.

What if our schools had more volunteers in the lunchroom? What if our schools had extra dads outside in the pickup line? What if our schools had extra parents in the hallways working like security? As the Christian community, what if we can resource our local schools this semester with fresh volunteers? What if the extra parents on campus would finally make our schools safe environments for learning?

This is an opportunity to solve problems in our neighborhood!  

Our goal is to have 702 dads (or moms) to commit to volunteering a few hours in our local schools this year through That's 702 for the 702!

Can we count you in?

Over 80 schools have already asked for help, so we need 702 new volunteers this semester! There’s training and a background check, but your presence will make a tangible difference for the students in your neighborhood!


As an approved volunteer, you will be trained in the 'Dads In Schools' Protocol for safe school resource. This training will help you understand the impact and importance of your presence. While on campus, volunteers will be in constant communication with one another and school staff.

There are many of statistics about how children with absent father figures have a higher probability to get pulled into crime patterns.

  • Neighborhoods with a high degree of religious practice are not high-crime neighborhoods.
  • Even in high-crime inner-city neighborhoods, well over 90 percent of children from safe, stable homes do not become delinquents. By contrast only 10 percent of children from unsafe, unstable homes in these neighborhoods avoid crime.
  • Criminals capable of sustaining marriage gradually move away from a life of crime after they get married.
  • The mother's strong affectionate attachment to her child is the child's best buffer against a life of crime.
  • The father's authority and involvement in raising his children are also a great buffer against a life of crime.

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