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Creative Ways to Stay Cool

Pretty much the entire country is sweating and looking for any possible way to stay cool, but there are a lot more ways to stay cool than you might have thought. Here are a few creative, unique ways to stay cool when the temperatures outside are anything but…

  1. Freeze your air!
  • Place a bowl of ice water directly in front of a fan blowing towards you. The ice will cool the air as it melts.
  1. Ditch the daylight.
  • Even though you might enjoy naturally lit rooms, save that for the Fall. Closed blinds and curtains to block the suns’ rays.
  1. Find some shade.
  • Even though the temperatures aren’t different from direct sunlight to the shade, you’ll feel like it’s 10-15 degrees cooler.
  1. Snack on small meals regularly.
  • Your body produces metabolic heat to break down large meals. Breaking down smaller meals produces less internal body heat.
  1. Wear light-weight clothing and bright colors.
  • Choose to wear breathable material like Cotton, Linen or Rayon.
  1. Drink water!
  • Avoid drinking warm water. Keep your water cool or room temperature.
  1. Stay Low.
  • Warm air rises, so stay on lower levels of your house.
  1. Wash your wrists.
  • Before bed, rinse your wrists or your feet with cold water. This will help bring your body temperature down, so you can fall asleep easier.
  1. Keep the feet cool.
  • Get into the practice of keeping your feet cool. This will help regulate your entire body temperature.
  1. Take deep breaths.
  • Inhale through the mouth, exhale through the nose. Your natural saliva will help cool the air before it reaches your lungs.
  1. Keep moisturizers cool.
  • Store your moisturizers in the fridge so that when you apply them, it’ll be a nice cooling effect on your skin.
  1. Get a hand-held fan.
  • Do not try to cool yourself by using your hands to fan yourself. This will do the opposite of cooling yourself as you’ll raise your body temperature.

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